EF – Relationship


From now on Fridays  will be EF days, English Friday.  If I can manage I will try very hard  to join the theme every week. Publishing in English  every Friday was the idea of  my 3  fellow bloggers Dani, Ryan and  Nita to improve our English skill.  I eager to join  because I think I have lost the ability to   speak, write even read in English. I don’t have many  oppurtinities to use English. I have already try to follow blogs in this language so I won’t lose my skill but I still don’t have the courage to leave my comments.

Today’s theme is a word that described what is 2015 for me.  My word of choice is  relationship.

Why I choose the word? It is because in a few more days I will be transfered to another office on my request. I  will be working  for a public health service  not very far from my residence. In the new office of course I  will meet new people. I have to build a new relationship, I hope it won’t take me so long to mingle. Building a new relationship without forgetting the old ones. I hope I still can maintain  friendship with  my old colleagues.  I think as a new comer I have to stay low profile and  learning the situation first.

One of the many advantages of my transfer is insya Allah I could build stronger relationship with all members of my family. I will have more time to communicate with my teenage daughters, even sometimes I could drop them to school . It is possible because I will not have to left home very early in the morning and I could be  home  before sundown.  So I hope I can watch them grows, help them coping  with their teenager problems.

That is 2015 for me, a year of many positive possibilities, and a year of improvement.

28 respons untuk ‘EF – Relationship

  1. riemikan berkata:

    Hi Mb Monda,
    I commend you for joining BEC! What a great motivation and a big congratulations for getting the job transfer approved. As a BEC member, I’d like to encourage you to stay consistent with the tense form in the sentences, e.g: “I will have more time to communicate….even sometimes I CAN drop…”; “…I will not have to LEAVE…..and I CAN be home…” Happy writing mb!

  2. Ryan berkata:

    Congrats Mba.
    Working nearby is one thing that i really want now.
    Hopefully 2015 will be a beautiful year Mba… for all of us.
    *and i just knew that you have two daughters*

  3. nh18 berkata:

    New Working Place ?
    Congratulation …
    I hope you’ll enjoy the new place, the new people … the new sorrounding

    Shakehand Me (hahaha)

    (10/1 : 4)

  4. prih berkata:

    Berkat luar biasa di tahun 2015 Mbak, selamat ya. Indahnya relationship dalam keluarga inti, keluarga pekerjaan (lama dan baru) pun keluarga ngeblog. Selamat berakhir pekan. Salam

  5. dani berkata:

    Woow, I never knew that you are going to be transferred near your home. A great news Mba Monda and your choice of word, I can imagine how beautiful it is. Many many many thanks for joining the challenge. 🙂

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