EF#4 A Tool From Doraemon’s Pocket

Doing this week challenge for English Friday makes me think hard. In my EF #2 post I have mentioned my childhood dream, that is a dress machine. The dress machine will instantly produce a gown or dress after I insert a picture of the dress of my choice. If Doraemon has it of course I will choose one, it is cool right? .

So let us see what is the ultimate problem in my daily life. That is traffic jam.

To cope with the traffic jams that happen everyday I will need the help of a machine, or vehicle or just a small tool. I do not think I will grab the bamboo propeller from Doraemon’s pocket. Nor I will choose a broomstick that can transports me to another locations. The only reason is I am afraid of height.

I think Doraemon knows Harry Potter so I assume in its magic pocket there are many wizardy tools. I prefer Portkey or Floo powder to broomstick and bamboo propeller.

Floo powder is a glittery, silver powder used by witches and wizards to travel through the Floo Network. The Network connects most wizarding households and buildings. With Floo Powder I can instantly go to the office and back home easily.

Portkey is an object enchanted to instantly bring anyone touching it to a specific location. (Harry Potter Wiki). Portkey is an everyday object that would not draw the attention of an ordinary human. I will ask to change my bag to be a Portkey, just by tagging to the portkey me and my family can easily travel to any beautiful places that we have dream of. We will go to Raja Ampat…, oooh it sounds so good.

28 respons untuk โ€˜EF#4 A Tool From Doraemon’s Pocketโ€™

  1. dani berkata:

    There is this anywhere door Mba Monda that ou only need to think of your destination and open the door. Voila your destionation will be right in front of your eyes. I love driving and enjoying the scenery, so I think I won’t use it. I will only need a tool that can let me pass through the traffic without any scratch. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Ryan berkata:

    Doraemon has it Mba. The camera. You just put your design in the camera. Then click on the person who want to dressed up, automatically that person wearing it.

    Floo Powder… But I am afraid using it Mba. Afraid that my body will split up.

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