EF#5 BEC is Growing Bigger

BEC, a group that had formed spontaneously is now become bigger in only a month time. It has been 5 weeks. Many Indonesian bloggers now post in English on Fridays.

So for EF#5 the theme is about BEC itself, about the meaning of BEC for me.

Joining Blog English Club means posting in English once a week. I have been wanting to do this since long time, but I do not have the courage. I only try to write in English for Weekly Photo Challenge, it is not enough though.

I have made the English post for BEC since the first week and afterward I made a commitment to myself to post every Friday even if I am so busy and do not have spare time to blog. The challenges in BEC make me have to write regularly. It is help me much to fill this blog.

When I stilI in university I used to make a little extra money by translating journals or part of textbooks ordered by fellow students. Translating textbooks is much easier for me than reading a newspaper (because the English is more complex) or write in English. I have never used English since leaving university, I can not find an exact English word right away. Very often I must consult the Google Translate even for a simple word. For instance I almost forget what the word khawatir means in English.

But it is different now, because reading the English posts of BEC members gradually bring back those English words to me. I also learn many new words and expressions from the 4 mentors. I also have many new friends. So I think I will continue to write In English.

Good luck admins and mentors thank you to you all that have build BEC. I am waiting to celebrate the group first birthday.

33 respons untuk β€˜EF#5 BEC is Growing Bigger’

  1. ichasyahfa berkata:

    Nice post, Mba πŸ™‚ I agree with you that the English in a newspaper is more complex. I often find some new words- that I didn’t know before- when I read online newspapers/magazines (mostly about football, though). “Google translate is weird.” Couldn’t agree more πŸ˜‰ Anyway, happy to connect with you, Mba Monda πŸ™‚

  2. Sandrine Tungka berkata:

    Wow… mba Monda, you are coooollll!!! Translating journal or textbook was not that easy for me. I’d given the task before. But after one journal I gave up. It was hard πŸ˜€

    • MS berkata:

      I am not that cool Sandrine because in textbooks there are no complicated tenses, besides there are a lot of Latin words that do not need translation

  3. Lyliana Thia berkata:

    Bun, back in university I also did that journal translation for fellow students, and senior students… today there’s google translate, i wonder if some students still doing translation in college.. hihihi..

    • MS berkata:

      I think they still need it because Google translate is so weird, kita perlu betul2 paham arti supaya bisa merubahnya ke kalimat yang benar

  4. vizon berkata:

    What a great idea, Kak…
    Language is a skill. Practice is a must to increase it. Writting is a nother way to have it.. Go on, Kak.. I also want to do the same, insha Allah..

  5. Ryan berkata:

    Same here Mba. When we do translation from English to Indonesian is much more easier to do. As long as I understand the main thing the writer wants to tell us, then for me no more translation.

    But different when we write in English. I have so many comment that Never Translate Indonesian to English. Hahaha. I used to do it.

    Thank you so much Mba for joining BEC. Btw, are you going to join the gathering? Our first gathering. On Feb 28th.

  6. Ami berkata:

    Wow, that was great, Mbak Monda, you translated journals and textbooks and made money from those activities. Graduated from university make me a bit lazy to read in English, since it is not obligatory anymore πŸ™‚

    Let’s learn and improve our English together πŸ™‚

    • MS berkata:

      oh.., bisa mempengaruhi juga ya mbak kalau kita bisa lebih dari dua bahasa , mungkin karena lebih banyak pakai bahasa Jepang ya?

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