EF#7 The Houses of The Chinese Majors Of Batavia



Some of you I think have (are) already familiar with Pasat Baru. Pasar Baru is a well known (well-known) market in Jakarta, one of the oldest ( from 1820). The market is a small one, consist mostly of shoeshops(shoe shops)I love to stroll along the narrow street just for sightseeing. There are a lot of old buildings around here, just name (with names) like some such as Gedung Kesenian, Gedung Antara, The Cathedral, Gereja Ayam and  in case you do not realize, there are also some old shops.

Many of the old shops had been (were) renovated into a more modern architecture. But, at Pasar Baru (Passer Baroe) we still can find heritage buildings from the past. Some of the building has been pronounced (had been declared) as Benda Cagar Budaya (cultural heritage), they are the buildings at number 2, 8, 30 and 46. There is another old shop at Jalan Pasar Baru  number 18A  that has not yet been registered as cultural heritage, that is Toko Kompak.

Toko Kompak (Kompak Store)  only sells a few merchandise, and small items. The shop (is) also used as a residence for the owner (active version : The shop owners reside in the shop). Originally, the building is the house of Major (Mayor) Tio Tek Ho (1896-1908), one of the 5 Chinese major appointed by Dutch Indies government to coordinate the Chinese residents in Batavia. The ornaments of this 300 years old building are still genuine. Take a look at the very big entrance doors ( 3 meters of height) and their door knobs, windows, railings at the balcony, they are depicted all  (depict ) the richness of Chinese traditions.


Another ancient building with Chinese architecture in Jakarta is  located at Jl Gajah Mada no 188. The name of the building is Gedung Candra Naya.  This building (seems) almost lost amongst high rise hotel (hotels) and apartments. You must pay a close attention if you want to visit it. Candra Naya (is) located between two Trans Jakarta stops, Olimo and Glodok, as a marker you must look for Hotel Novotel.

Candra Naya is  a cultural heritage building, once belonged to Mayor Khouw Kim An, the latest Chinese mayor of Batavia (1910-1918 and 1927 – 1942). Candra Naya is a fine example of Chinese architecture.  The house is opened for public for free, sometimes the building is used for cultural exibition (Sometimes there are some cultural exibition there).

Once  enter (entering) the 2250 m2 house, I was very much impressed by the interior.   The house hashad several rooms such as family room, bedrooms, praying rooms with altar. Ornaments of the interior looks (looked) grand and luxurious made from  expensive black woods with golden ornamentations of flowers and butterflies. What is left now is only the main building, the two storey wings at the left and right had been demolished by the last owner in order to build  commercial constructions. After so many protests then  there were a win win solutions (solution). The old house will still be there for many years to come surrounded by the skyscrapper, so we can still see the beauty of the past for a long time, although it looks awkward.

 The post is an  assignment for Blog English Club for  this week theme,  snap a photo outside and tell a story.

28 respons untuk ‘EF#7 The Houses of The Chinese Majors Of Batavia

  1. ded berkata:

    Pasar Baru tak pernah pudar, pasarnya unik berbeda dengan pasar tradisional yang lain.
    Sangat populer dg toko2 tekstil, dan bahan2 kosmetik atau salon.
    Bisa ketemu dengan otak2, somai, rujak, buah lontar, makan dipinggir jalan antara lalu lalang pembeli dan pedagang.
    Asyiiik….. 🙂

  2. Ryan berkata:

    The first time I saw Chandra Naya Building was on a movie. At that time, still under construction. Luckily they didn’t demolish the old building also Mba. And I passed that building yesterday. Hehee.
    But never notice the store you’ve mentioned in Pasar Baroe Mbak.

  3. kamal berkata:

    agree that Candra Naya is beautiful cultural heritage. although i never go there. i just see it from street when i driving. hope someday i can see it 🙂

  4. Gara berkata:

    Ooh, I want to go to Candra Naya building! Between Olimo and Glodok, it’s not too far from my place :hehe
    Yes, Passer Baroe is kinda old, because it was built after Daendels moved the city-center from Oud Batavia to Weltevreden. It’s famous with the (famous) shoe-maker, Sapie Ie! :hihi.

    Great post!

    • MS berkata:

      i used to walk through the street everyday, because I used to work not far, so I have so much time to see aroundj
      I will try to take a better photos of the old building some days and let you know

  5. dani berkata:

    Amazing! Sharing the abundance national treasure in Jakarta. Love two read about the two houses Mba Monda. Iused to live around Gajah Mada but never paid attention and never knew if there is this building.

    • MS berkata:

      thanks Dani
      no wonder you do not know Candra Naya, it was just opened about 2 or 3 years ago, before for years the area was fenced with tin fence

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