EF#9 I am Longing For Kopdar

I have been blogging since 2009, and my first meet up was a year later, when a blogger from Samarinda, Akin, came to Jakarta, and then we met with 3 other bloggers ; Bu Edratna, Didot and Yessy. I was nervous to meet new friends for the first time, I did not how to react. I was afraid they would not find me a nice person. But, to my surprise then it went really fine.

After the first meet up, I felt addicted to it. Why could it be? When I met a new friend from virtual world it seemed like I talked to an old friend, because we have known each other from the posts.

I wrote all the meet up with fellow bloggers in Indonesian, under the category kopdar. I have met more than 40 bloggers in different times and places, I met them not only in Jakarta but also when I went to Denpasar, Bandung and Bukittinggi.

The meets up took place in restaurants or hotels, and in a historical trip with BatMus. I met many bloggers when Imelda came home from Tokyo and in the event of Srikandi Blogger 2014. Here at the latest even I also met one of our famous BEC admins, Dani. Unfortunately, in a place with so many participants we did not have time to know each other more.

The longest kopdar was a family trip to Bukittinggi with elje (4 days in 2012) and kopdar baralek also in the same province last year with 3 other bloggers, Bunda Lily, Inon Putri Usagi and Titik.

Some of them have been very good friends that easily lend their hands when I need help in blogging things. Oh, talking about meet up suddenly I am longing to have more kopdar. It has been a year since the last kopdar with Srikandi Blogger.

16 respons untuk ‘EF#9 I am Longing For Kopdar

  1. Gara berkata:

    40 bloggers is sure a great number, as I only have 1 in my part :haha.
    I am looking for information about BatMus–is the community still exist, Miss? I am absolutely wanted to join when there is another journey about exploring a museum or exploring old historical places in the town :hehe.

  2. Ryan berkata:

    Wow. Mba Monda. You’ve met 40 bloggers. Are you still nervous if you do meet up Mba?
    Srikandi blogger is an award event right Mba? I think I read it somewhere, another blogger posted it also.

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