This week challenge is OOTD or outfit of the day. I am not a fashion blogger, although once I had a dream of a fashion machine. My kind of fashion is simple, casual and sporty and with minimum accesories.

I like traveling. This was how I usually look like when in a trip. Here I made a pose in front of Museum Majapahit, Trowulan, a year ago.

I always want to bring minimum things while travel. So I usually bring some double sided veils (no wonder if you can recognize this one). With only one veil you will have two different looks. This veil was a gift from a very dear friend. The accesory I wore was only a brooch. The Pinto Aceh brooch, was my favorite one. Its pin was so tight, then I only need to bring one. This brooch is also a gift from a darling aunt of mine.

I wore a pink shirt from Bossini and a Tira jeans. And for shoes, I have problems with shoes, it was hard to find a comfortable one for me. Finally, after a long search and try, I found this one from Skechers. It was still comfortable for a long walk and did not hurt my heels. About the bag, I love this brown bag, an unbranded one. It was still in a good condition, although I wore it everyday. The bag was a Garut handmade bag. I bought it two years ago in Sukaregang, Garut. Sukaregang is the center for leather goods. Here, you can find good quality bags, shoes and leather jackets. Do it needs to describe the plastic bag I was holding? I had just bought books from the museum.


27 respons untuk β€˜EF#11 OOTD’

  1. bintangtimur berkata:

    Wah mbak, itu tas dari Garut ya? Belinya di Sukaregang?
    Ah, ah, kapan mbak Monda kesana?
    *langsung kangen dengan baso aci yang hanya ada di Garut..hehe

  2. Gara berkata:

    Akhirnya saya bisa melihat Mbak Monda secara langsung. I like this picture, and you look so pretty with a nice smile :)).
    I agree, as travellers, we have to choose outfit style that won’t hinder us in moving from place to place :)).

    • MS berkata:

      nggak tau persis namanya, kayak warna lumut coklatnya..
      then, trip kwek2 berikutnya ke Garut aja.., surga belanja kulit dan batik..

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