EF#12 I Have Found Luxury


What means of transportation do I use everyday to work? Now I work in an office relatively near to my residence I just use angkot. I only need to use(TAKE) 2 different routes of angkot. It costs me only eleven hundred rupiahs, (WHICH IS) much more cheaper than (WHAT) I usually spend for daily transportatin to work. In rainy seasons(SEASON) like this I prefer (TO) drive by myself. I think I have found luxury because the distance between my residence and my office is quite short.

Before (THAT) for years I was trapped in traffic jam almost every day. My old office was very far in the heart of the city. Ihave (HAD) tried all of the available mode of public transportation only to find the most efficient ones in time and fare. I seldom drove to the office, due to the traffic jam, I felt exhausted easily and very tired. I used ojek from my house to the stops of omprengan and then changed to ojek once more.

In (ON) my way home from the old  office I used different mode of public transportation. First combination, I walked to the  Trans Jakarta stops. The Trans Jakarta bus took me to the omprengan stops on Sudirman street. After one or two hours trip with the omprengan then I changed to ojek that carried me to my house. This combination cost (COSTED) me 43 thousand rupiahs.

Instead of Trans Jakarta bus, sometime I took a PATAS bus. If the bus was empty, I chose a seat by the window. In this position I could have a rest for a while, or have (HAD / TOOK) a little nap. Most of the time I could blog, posted or blogwalked in the bus. Looked (LOOKING) over the window and watched (WATCHING) the life outside could also gave me ideas what to post in my blogs. For instance, I could saw a very inspirative (INSPIRING) moment . I saw a father pulled a simple wooden cart. On the cart there was his disabled son. The son was reading a book. They were once (FEATURED) in (THE) newspaper, it said that they have done this since the son’s fisrt year in SD ( that afternoon he was in his highschool uniform). Passers by stopped and gave them a little money, so did a policeman. The father and son did not ask, people (WERE) just touched by their struggle for life.

My old office (WAS) located near a train station, so sometime I used this commuter line. I enjoyed it very much when I rode the train, it was cool and fast. Unfortunately, afterward I have (HAD) to change to angkot three times that took me much more time.

I just hope that someday we can have a comfortable, affordable, (RELIABLE) and punctual public transportation.

Note : I have added the corrections made by our BEC’s mentor Lorraine

10 respons untuk ‘EF#12 I Have Found Luxury

  1. Ryan berkata:

    Kenapa kita gak pernah ktm ya Mbak?

    So you had to take TJ first to Semanggi in order to go with Omprengan.
    You are lucky Mba, now your office is nearby your residence.

  2. rizzaumami berkata:

    Semakin laris transportasi umum, orang-orang akan semakin jeli pada lingkungan mereka. Sebab mereka akan punya lebih banyak kesempatan untuk mengamati keadaan sekitar, bukan jalanan di depan saja. 🙂

  3. Lia berkata:

    setujuu. semoga transportasi umum di Indonesia makin baik, jadi makin banyak yg beralih dari kendaraan pribadinya 🙂


  4. Beby berkata:

    Naik kereta gitu murah ngga sih, Kak? Kok orang sana keknya banyak yang kerja pulang pigi naik kereta.. Kalok di Medan kan mahal-mahal.. 😛

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