EF #21  My Weekend Destination

I have  missed the  English challenges for several weeks, oh noooo. Iam trying tocatch up.  BEC’s weekly challenge  # 21 theme is about holiday destination under Rp. 100.000 (or around less than US$10) you must see!

Yes,of course there are many touristic destinations here in the capital that only cost you minimal  fare or even free. You can go to one of the 47 museums in Jakarta .  This time I want to ask you to see one of the several public garden in the city,Taman Ayodya.

Taman Ayodya

To reach this garden situated in southern part of Jakarta was very simple and cheap. The Trans Jakarta bus was  the easiest mode of transportation to get there, use the Blok M – Kota line. It, only cost you  Rp 3,500. From Blok M Station  you  took the Metro Mini number 69, for just  Rp 3,000,  or you could just walk to the west.  The distance was about 1 kilometer, so you just needed a half an hour walk.

The garden was spacious, clean,  and the foliages of the big trees would make you feel fresh. What would you do here? You could just sit on the benches under the gazebos, relaxed and read a book, or  you could jog round the fish pond, or rented a bicycle. There were also a wifi, no need to worry you still can update your status to your social media account easily. Then, if you felt enough, tou could walk  to the north west to find another public garden, Taman Langsat.

Feel hungry? Around the garden there were  street food vendors, bakso or mi ayam.

So, it was easy to find cheap  places here in Jakarta, isn’it?


26 respons untuk ‘EF #21  My Weekend Destination

  1. usagi berkata:

    Deket kantor ku bun,,
    Blog yg ini sekrang di pake buat posting english challenge ya bun

    inon juga ounya dua bingung postingnya :)) dulu bikin yg.com niatnya khusus buat keuangan sama IT tapi masih belum konsisten

  2. adelinatampubolon berkata:

    Aku belum pernah kesini. Mesti cari di google map dech.

    Kakak kenapa aku baru follow kakak yach. Padahal rasanya baru kemaren2 dech aku baca-baca artikel kakak. Berarti kita kan temanannya sudah lumayan lama. Apa ini wordpress yang lain yach? Hehehehe

    • MS berkata:

      kayaknya waktu itu follow blog yg satunya deh Del.., yg pakai dot com..
      btw, email yg biasa dipake yg di kolom komen ini ya?
      ntar kk emailin pas dekat2 wilayah kantormu.., pengen kopdar deh

  3. Gara berkata:

    Doh, where have I been, for such a long time I haven’t visited this beautiful park? :hwee. It’s not far from my residence in Salemba (not as far as Bogor), so a visit to this park is a must! So green, so fresh, yet so near :)). I bet this park is kind of crowded in weekends, isn’t it?

  4. jarwadi berkata:

    months ago, my friend also has an idea about how to promote recreation venue around us. visiting them has some benefit. it is low cost, avoid traffic load and of course reduce some amount of gasoline burnt 🙂

  5. prih berkata:

    Agree, there are many touristic destinations that only cost us minimal fare or even free. Exploring USA (Ungaran-Salatiga-Ambarawa) is very cheap travelling for me ….

  6. nh18 berkata:

    Taman Ayodya used to be very dirty and not wisely manage. My High School is arround that area …

    But now I heard this area is rejuvenate and renovate … It become favorite destination amongst small families in South Jakarta… Great

    Shakehand me

    (6/6 : 7)

  7. Evi berkata:

    A beautiful place, MM. Green and cool. We call it the lungs of the city, right? Or is there another term in the English for it?

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