EF#22 Suramadu Bridge

Failed holiday you wish to do it, is this week challenge for BEC.
In  planning a holiday I had never been make it in details. I only make a list which places to visit in a day. Then I would go with the flow, if the destination was good I would stay longer. I think planning everything in details would bring stress and pressure during the trip, then what would be the benefit of travelling.

Last year me and my family visited Malang, it was a pity the flight home from Malang were all taken, so we decided to go home from Surabaya instead, a nearby capital of East Java, only about two hour by car.
So, my plan for the day was a short browse over old town Malang, to see the famous Ijen boulevard, then made a trip to Mojokerto to visit  Museum Majapahit Trowulan, followed bu a trip to try the Suramadu bridge which connected Java and the island of Madura.

The trip to the previous destinations went well, except that we took a longer route to the Museum. So it was late in the afternoon when we reached Surabaya. There were also a traffic jam in the city and the driver was not familiar with the route to the bridge of Suramadu. It took us longer, though we made it to the island of Madura but we could not have spare time to make a window shopping in batik Madura shops and try the famous dishes of Madura such as the famous nasi bebek Sinjay. The children were sleepy and insisted on going to the hotel.

The Indonesian version is Gagal Beli Batik Madura dan Wiskul Bebek Sinjay

13 respons untuk ‘EF#22 Suramadu Bridge

  1. arbiyanti berkata:

    Hallo Mba Monda, i had my share passing by the Suramadu Bridge but it was late at night and we were the last costumer at Maduratna Batik Shop. i’m still curious about Madura though. would love to go there again sometimes..

    • MS berkata:

      hi Arbi.., yes I hope you will so wiil I..
      just fyi.., I did window shopping on batik Madura stand in iCraft today, the batiks were gorgeus

      • arbiyanti berkata:

        pls just call me rina 🙂 and yes, the batik from madura has its own character; the vibrant color tells it all of how maduranese are. strong and outspoken. oo gee, i’m avoiding ICraft. getting me lured with the beautiful crafts, they might want to change the name to ICrave. hehe.

  2. Gara berkata:

    It means that you have to visit it again, Mbak :hihi. By the way, Ijen Boulevard is like Nassau Blvd. or Orange Blvd. in Menteng, right? The old-looking yet luxurious and huge houses, owned by the richest people in town… wow, a visit to the street is a very nice activity to do! :)).

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